We would like to invite you to the workshop/webinar focused on the Czech contribution to the eUltimate project. Most important topics will be pilot testing, data collecting methods and electric buses development from the perspective of the manufacturing company.

Online event starts at 10:00 AM CET, 10th of February 2022.

Workshop will be held (mostly) in Czech language, but will be available later on this website with English subtitles.


10:00     Opening [CZ] – doc. Ing. Petr Bouchner, Ph.D.; CTU in Prague (ČVUT), Faculty of Transportation Sciences
10:10     EIT Urban Mobility Projects [CZ] – Marián Nič; Innovation Life Cycle Officer, EIT Urban Mobility Innovation hub East
10:15     eUltimate Project [EN]– Miquel Estrada; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech
10:20     eUltimate at ČVUT [CZ] – Ing. Michal Malý; CTU in Prague (ČVUT), Faculty of Transportation Sciences
10:30     Decin City Transport Company [CZ] Ing. Ondřej Smíšek; head of the Děčín department, CTU in Prague (ČVUT), Faculty of Transportation Sciences
10:40     Specifics of the Time-table Design [CZ] – Jiří Štěpánek; Decin City Transport Company, Inc.
10:50     Deployment and Operation of Electric Buses in Hradec Králové [CZ] – Josef Urban; Public Transport Company of Hradec Králové Inc.
11:00     SOR Electric Buses: Development, Manufacturing, and Operation [CZ] – Ing. Jan Černý, Chief Development Designer, SOR Libchavy
11:20     Q&A, coffee break
11:40     Vehicle Performace Data Tracking [CZ] – Ing. Radek Jaroš; DevCom spol. s r. o.
11:50     Traffic in the Data Platform Portabo [CZ] – Ing. Tomáš Kejzlar; director, Ústí nad Labem Region Data Center
12:05     Electric Bus Simulator [CZ] – Ing. Juraj Majera; Tirn Technology
12:15     Q&A, Closing

No registration is necessary – link (MS Teams): https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_NDIwMjkyNTMtMjdkYS00NjIxLTg3NWMtMDllMDcwN2RlYzlh%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22f345c406-5268-43b0-b19f-5862fa6833f8%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22d8f441c5-ba49-4ca6-bf9c-f500f378379a%22%7d

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