CARRIS testing new electric mini buses

In early September 2021 CARRIS has kicked-off a trial of 3 electric mini-buses, which are being operated across several routes in Lisbon city centre. This initiative, while being independent from the work in eULTIMATE European Institute of Technology Urban Mobility project is benefiting from it, as CARRIS is using insights from the project to accompany and evaluate the operations. The pilot consists in the use for a period of 4 months of three units of new Karsan JestElectric, a 6m long mini-bus equipped with a 88Kwh battery with an autonomy of 210Km and capacity up to 22 people. As the vehicles are used in particularly challenging lines with narrow streets, steep roads and uneven terrain it aims to increase CARRIS maturity in the operation of these vehicles in such conditions.

During weekends the vehicles are also being used to operate a new bus line serving Monsanto – Lisbon’s main forest park and green area. This is part of a pilot initiative being developed with the Lisbon City Council to encourage people to enjoy this large green area, an idea developed in the framework of Lisbon European Green Capital 2020. With this new pilot and line CARRIS is one step closer to respond to the Municipality’s challenge to offer a public transport service with zero local emissions.

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